Lace Closures & Frontals: To Bleach Or Not To Bleach

Most of us, myself included, have purchased either a lace closure or a type of frontal in order to achieve that bomb hairstyle we saw on someone's social media page ! The beginning of a great hairstyle using a lace piece starts with customization. So why exactly do we bleach?

Bleaching a closure or a frontal is simply the process of bleaching the knots located on the hair piece to make the lace appear as realistic as possible. Basically, to make it look like the hair is growing from your scalp.

What Do You Use To Bleach?

Many people opt for a developer and a powder lightener in order to lift the dark knots on the closure. Popular brands such as BW2 Powder, Loreal Quick Blue, Wella Charmer or Kaleidoscope can be used with a developer to achieve the desired look.

What Volume Developer To Use?

When bleaching your knots it's important to use a low volume developer so as not to over process or damage your lace. We recommend using a 20 developer in order to get the best use of your lace. Using a higher number developer may cause your lace to shed excessively, bald, or lighten the actual hair strands.

Hope this guide on bleaching lace closures/frontals helped ! Need a quality lace closure or frontal that doesn't bald and lasts for up to 12 months? Shop here for 100% Virgin Luxury Hair, high-density closures, and frontals.

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