Caring for Virgin Hair Extensions 101

We all love wearing hair extensions from time to time, but let's face it. No matter how "hands free" or "less maintenance" a style is, it still needs to be maintained sooner or later. Which brings us to the topic of the day. How do I take care of my hair extensions?

Here are a few tips that we've used over the years that have proved invaluable. Taking great care of your extensions can make a difference in it's overall longevity.

1. Wash hair with a sulfate free/alcohol free conditioner. Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner to bring moisture back into the hair. Wash curly hair with shampoo once every two or three weeks and co-wash with a rich moisturizing conditioner at least every couple of days. For straight hair, we suggest washing hair with shampoo every two weeks with a co-wash in between. Once every every month, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo or you can add a table spoon of apple cider vinegar to your wash water to clarify your hair.

2. Invest in a denman brush for curly textured hair and a wide tooth comb for straighter textures. When combing or brushing hair, start from the bottom and work your way up to the top.

3. When straitening hair, use a heat protectant spray and hair serum to protect the hair. For curly textures or frizzy hair, we suggest using an anti-frizz serum to combat the frizziness.

4. Avoid applying heavy creams or oils to your hair as it tends to make the hair oily and weighs the hair done.

5. Whether you are wearing a wig made from extensions or have it sewn/glued in, investing in a satin bonnet and scarf will help with frizziness and will avoid hair from tangling or matting.

6. Avoid blow drying or towel drying of your extensions if you can. The best method is simply leaving your hair to blow dry and then styling after.

7. Last but not least, Joy Luxe Hair Extensions are of luxurious and great quality and with our hair, less is more. Try avoiding unnecessary hair products as much as you can to preserve your hair.

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