Hair Care



Before installing your bundles or your wig, make sure to always wash your extensions to remove any impurities that may possibly be in the hair from shipping and handling from our origin factory and warehouse.

 We recommend luke warm water for this process and dipping hair into a basin or under a tap until clean. It is always good to follow a shampoo wash with a good deep conditioning treatment to re-moisturize the hair. 




 Although all of our hair is 100% virgin remy/raw hair, it is important to properly care for your hair in order to ensure its longevity. All of our hair are doubled-machine wefted so hair can last longer. If cutting wefts, we recommend using a weft sealant to minimize shedding. 




Curly Hair is prone to tangle more and requires more maintenance than straight hair. To ensure the best quality: 


1. Make sure hair is properly deep conditioned before an install for at least 15- 30 minutes. 

2. When washing hair, use the dipping method and remember to scrunch hair gently in order to enhance the curl pattern. 

3. It is recommended that you air dry your hair instead of blow drying.

4. Keep hair products to a minimum in order to avoid hair matting or tangling. Oil based products are not recommended. 

5. Keep combing or brushing to a minimum to reduce frizziness. 



Caring for your hair before going to bed guarantees a flawless look for the next day. 

1. Wrap your hair with a satin bonnet or scarf. If wearing hair form our curly collection, make sure to properly pineapple your hair to maintain curls. 

2. Spray hair with water using a spray bottle and comb through to allow curls to pop. Allow hair to air dry for curls to pop. 





1. We suggest shampooing hair once a week, or one every two weeks and co-washing once a week using a sulfate free shampoo. 

2. Wash hair using the dipping method and follow up with a moisture rich conditioner. 

3. Allow your hair to air dry. Blow drying is not recommended. 

4. If straightening, use a heat protectant serum or spray to protect the hair. 



1. Wrap hair using a satin scarf or bonnet.

2. Style as desired the next day.